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Mother of God

Mary – the Handmaid of the Lord, the Mother of Christ and of the Church is a guide, model and master on the way of love for each Ursuline sister of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus: The Congregation seeks to fulfill its mission under the direction and motherly protection of Our Lady, venerated as the Star of the Sea. The words of Mary: Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word – are the motto of our Congregation. (The Constitutions of the Congregation)


Mary, the Star of the Sea! How much trust and love is contained in this beautiful invocation! From the very beginning of our Congregation you have been to us like a star that shines among Cloud for a sailor in the middle of the ocean. Mary, the Star of the Sea, after Jesus we love you above all! Your rays bring to us the faith, love and happiness. Mother, my Star, disperse with your bright rays everything that interferes with peace in the soul that desires only God. I want to trust, trust unconditionally, trust always, even when everything seems to be lost. (Mother Ursula, Meditations)

We owe to the glory of Mary, our Bright Star of the Sea, to led our Congregation out from the wild sea of persecutions, from the storm of war. In the worst moments Mary turned out to be our true Star of the Sea (…). Whenever difficulties begin to pile up on the path of your life (…) call Mary and be certain that She – as once in Cana of Galilee - will rather miraculously come to you with help, than abandon you. Trust Mary, love Mary and rejoice – as Mary’s child may not perish. (Mother Ursula, Directives)

Let them love the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus. Let them ask her, the Bride of the Holy Spirit, who has given her Son to the world, to teach them her humble, joyous, and sacrificial love. Imitating her let them become more and more mothers and sisters to everybody. (The Constitutions of the Congregation)

Our path is determined with Marian devotions of the Congregation and its Foundress – constantly present as a foundation in our lives in which we try to fully realise the mystery of the Heart of Jesus.

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Serenity - a distinctive feature of St. Ursula that she demanded of the Ursuline Sisters of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus. The feature grows out of the experience of God’s love as well as of awareness that Christ raised us from death to life and promised that He is with us till the end of time. Serenity experiences a specific "soul’s happiness", gratitude and joy, deep optimism, which stems from faith and hope.

Only the person in harmony with the will of God, seeking happiness in the will of God, in God's bright spheres, will be able in spite of everything to preserve within herself that holy serenity, that bright, sunny happiness of God. 
St. Ursula, Testament, Twelfth Request

The sunny person is by herself an apostle. She unknowingly evangelizes and leads people to God. She tells them without words, but by her own bright smile, that it is good, very good to serve God and that to serve God is to find happiness and peace such as the world cannot give. St. Ursula, Testament, Twelfth Request

Ursuline serenity results in willingness to fulfill God's will – in Christ’s likeness during His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane as well as to resemble Mary during the Annunciation, certain that I am in hands of good God. «As God wills it». These words uttered with love are balm for the distressed soul. Utter them in times of worry and anxiety, utter them also when God sends a cross upon you. Oh, then do not only reconcile yourselves to the will of God, but also submit to it quietly, without complaint, with a smile on your lips and «Deo gratias» in your hearts. St. Ursula, Testament, Eleventh Request

So be sunny, bright and serene, my children. You will thereby delight the Heart of God and (…) you will be willingly and cheerfully fulfilling the will of God, which is, in the words of St. Paul, your sanctification. So always cheerfully, serenely, sunnily, and with confidence up to God in heaven!  St. Ursula, Testament, Twelfth Request


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Spirituality of the Ursulines of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus is the love of God’s Heart expressing:

› a complete surrender to God in chastity, poverty and obedience

› in imitation of Mary

› through: prayer, humility, work, simplicity, self-denial, serenity, sisterly love.



To lead souls to Jesus, and to let them discover the infinite goodness of the Heart of Jesus - it is an ideal we should follow in our lives.
Mother Ursula, Testament

I pray for you, as much as I can, asking God for our Ursuline branch to become truly an apostle of the Heart of Jesus.
From Mother Ursula’s letter to the sisters

The more work we have, the more we realize that everything depends on our inner effort- the more spiritual effort we make, the more God will bless us.
Mother Ursula, from a letter to Włodzimierz Ledóchowski

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam (For the greater glory of God) -  included as a motto in our Constitutions – presents the motivation of our actions and life.


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The Agonizing Heart of Jesus

The vocation of the Ursuline Sisters of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus unites them in a special way to the mystery of the Agony of Christ, who, sent by the Father, so loved his brothers and sisters that he suffered death for them upon the cross, so that all who share in his death and resurrection might attain the fullness of life. Attentive to Christ’s words, «I thirst», sisters respond to the love of God’s Heart by surrendering themselves to Him wholeheartedly and without reserve so that He may extend in and through them His mission of salvation. They desire to live ever more fully for Christ and his Body, the Church. They devote all their efforts to the spread of the Kingdom of God on earth. (from the Constitutions of the Congregation, p. 3-4)

The linchpin upholding the experience of the mystery of the Heart of Jesus is love, the desire to answer with love to His love; the desire to lay down our lives, without exceptions and conditions; the desire to follow Christ among His disciples; the mystery of bearing the agony of Jesus to save our brothers and sisters.

Our Mother Foundress reads the Christ’s agony and His "sitio" ("I thirst"), cried out from the cross as a plea so that as many people as possible could use the graces “merited for us by the Passion of Christ who offered Himself on the cross as a living victim” and nowadays this plea does not fall silent. Moreover, we may still hear it loudly in the ordinary and the needy of our times as well as in the lonely and the lost, in the victims of war, in enslavement and violence. That is why, the request of our Mother Foundress "My children let the sacred fire of love for souls glimmer unceasingly in your hearts" (from the Testament) remains topical at present.

The contemplation of the Heart of Jesus rushes us to answer with faith, love and a total gift of ourselves, so that Christ could extend in and through us His mission of salvation in the world. We try more and more to become His instruments in the acts of evangelism; to let Christ to use us in a way and place where He needs it.