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Our fields of work

Retreats for young people Retreats for young people

The Congregation's special mission in the Church is to proclaim Christ - the love of his Heart through the educating and teaching of children and youth, as well as through service to their most needy and wronged brothers and sisters, and through any other work of evangelization. «The Ursuline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus is willing and should dedicate her life to the poor». (The Constitutions of the Congregation)

Teaching and educating as well as helping the poor are the main apostolic activities in all the countries in which we live. According to the needs of the country we serve as catechists and teachers, as teachers in orphanages, kindergartens, boarding schools, students’ hostels and day rooms, as developers of young people (groups and communities, retreats and spiritual accompaniment), among emigrants as well as on missions in Latin America and Africa.

In service of God and people

Apostolate is in the nature of consecrated life as love’s inner dynamism desires to socialise. The apostolic dimension of our lives finds its expression through witness of personal lives and sisterly communion in the community, according to the charism of our apostolic actions.

We are mostly concerned with our inner attitude to proclaim Christ through our lives and actions, which makes it possible to find proper way of expression in every situation. Mother Ursula referred to that inner attitude and called it “zeal for saving souls”.

Our Foundress left us the following words in her Testament: May the holy fire of love for souls always glow in your hearts. To save souls, to guide them to Jesus, and to allow them to know the infinite goodness of the Heart of Jesus – this is the ideal to which we should dedicate ourselves. Our apostolate is rooted both in the Church and in the service of the Church and it all rises from the contemplation of the Heart of Jesus as well as from finding the best answer to His love and the consent to let Him "extend in and through us His mission of salvation".

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