Ursuline missions

Ursuline missions

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In September 1990, the first Ursulines went to Africa– two Italian and three Tanzanian sisters in order to take up work in Singida diocese, one of the poorest areas in the country. Two sisters started work in the hospital of Itigi led by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and lived in one of the buildings dedicated to medical staff. At the same time, the preparations of our own Ursuline mission started in Mkiwa – 30 km in the north of Itigi. The work there began in November 1991 and we may call this place the “motherhouse” of our missions in Tanzania...

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The Ursuline sisters came to Brazil also thanks to an invitation of the Scalabrinians who had known them from the cooperation in Argentina. The first two sisters came from Argentina to Brazil on January 29, 1971. They lived in the parish house in Rondinhia and committed themselves to pastoral work in the parish church and 17 branch chapels. What is more, they worked in the parish office and sacristy and catechized young people. From 1974, the sisters have run a community centre for children in school age and household courses for women. Also, they have given help to the poorest. In the course of time, the Congregation opened other houses in Brazil. At the moment, there are seven Ursuline communities in Brazil – three in Curitiba and two in Primavera do Leste, in Cuiabá and Várzea Grande...

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The community in Oruro opened in 2009, is the youngest mission project of the Congregation. At the moment, it consists of one Polish and two Argentinian sisters...

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The Congregation has started its missionary work just in Argentina. In 1968 p. Giacomo Danesi, the vice-general superior of the Scalabrinians, missionaries for Italian immigrants, turned to mother Andrzeja Górska with an offer to the Ursuline sisters to take up work in a new established N. S. Madre de los Emigrantes parish in Buenos Aires. Mother Andrzeja saw in this invitation a possibility to realise the missionary plans of our Mother Foundress and accepted the proposal...