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Rome/ Italy - the chapel in the general house

Pope John Paul II praying at the relics of Mother Ursula Pope John Paul II praying at the relics of Mother Ursula

The general house of the Congregation on via del Casaletto in Rome is one of the places particularly associated with St. Ursula, although it exists only from 1949 (from 1958 as the general house). During the process of beatification, in 1959, the body of mother Ursula was exhumed and it was stated that 20 years after her death the body did not decompose. Therefore, it was placed in a special sarcophagus and laid in the chapel of the general house on via del Casaletto. That is why, the chapel became a place of worship of mother Ursula, at that time, the servant of God. The chapel was also visited by dignified Church representatives such as cardinal priest Stefan Wyszyński, the Primate of Poland and cardinal priest Karol Wojtyła, also later as the Holy Father John Paul II. In 1989, after the next exhumation, the relics of (at that time) blessed mother Ursula were transferred from Rome to Pniewy, where they were placed in a special sarcophagus in the chapel at the motherhouse of the Congregation. 

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