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Family roots

Antoni Ledóchowski
(1755-1835), member of the Four Year Parliament, knight of St. Stanislaus Order; after his wife’s Heath entered the Congregation of Missioary Priests in Warsaw (great-grandfather).

Ignacy Hilary Ledóchowski (1789-1870), valiant participant  in Napoleon’s Campain (recipient of the Honorary Legion Cross); participated in the November Uprising; to avoid deportation to Siberia emigrated with his family to Austria; after returning to his Fatherland, spent the last years of his life at the Dominican Convent in Klimontów (grandfather).

Cardinal Mieczysław Ledóchowski (1822-1902), Archbishop of Gniezno-Poznań, Primate of Poland; during „Kulturkampf” imprisoned for defending the rights of the Church and the Polish language; as Cardinal he fulfilled the Office of Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (uncle).


Antoni Ledóchowski (1823-1885) emigrated with his father Ignacy to Austria after the failure of the November Uprising; officer in the Austrian army; active in Church life as a member of Catholic religious and social organizations; in 1883 returned with his family to Poland – to Lipnica Murowana near Cracow.

Josephine (1831-1909) came from an old chivalric Swiss family, Salis-Zizers, with generated heroic soldiers and statesmen and remained faithful to the Catholic Church; Her father, Count Rudolph, was chamberlain of the household at the Emperor’s Court.


Julia’s older sister, Maria Teresa (1863-1922), known as „Mother of Africa”, foundress of the Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver, beatified in 1975 in Rome.

Julia’s younger brother, Włodzimierz (1866-1942), future general of Jesuits.

Julia’s youngest brother, Ignacy (1871-1945), general of the Polish Army; died in the Dora concentration camp near Nordhausen.


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