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The Ursulines in Cracow 1886 - 1907

In August 1886 Julia enters the convent of the Ursuline Order in Cracow. After the novitiate Julia takes her religious vows and is given the name Sister Maria Ursula of Jesus. Waiting for the day of her profession she writes „I’ve been longing for this happy day that will unite me for ever with my Jesus. Oh, that Orly I knew how to love! To burn, burn with love”.

She works in the school run by the sisters as a teacher and edukator, loved and respected by her students. She completes her teaching qualifications. She also takes painting lessons and decorates the convent’s chapel with murals and paintings. In 1904 the sisters elekt her to the office of superior for the convent in Cracow. At that time, thanks to her endeavors, the first residence for female university students in Cracow and the first Sodality of Mary in Poland are established. She goes to Rome to settle matters concerning changes in the Order’s Constitutions and gets an audience with Pope Pius X.

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